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L-band Video Modulator CVS300

CVS300 serves to transform audio and video signals to radio frequency signals in the L-band. The signals are suitable for transmission over terrestrial links.

The video modulator can include two sound channels /stereo


  • very stable frequency ensured by the use of PLL technology;
  • microprocessor system control of the frequency programming of the modulator and the output level;
  • good spectral purity of the signal which allows the summing of a few modulators into multi channel terrestrial links;
  • intuitive set-up;
  • non volatile memory;
  • ability for battery operation.



SR300 is a high quality receiver working in the L-band. It is used to receive frequency modulated video and audio signals in terrestrial links.


  • very stable frequency provided by the used PLL technology;
  • microprocessor control;
  • applicable to multi channel terrestrial links;
  • ability to process two independent audio channels;
  • simple setup and non volatile memory.



VAM300 transforms audio and video signal into radio frequency signals that can be transmitted over the air and cable. It is used as a driver in low and medium power TV transmitters which work in the IV and V bands.

  • module constructions;
  • microprocessor control;
  • LCD indication;
  • non volatile memory;
  • PLL technology;
  • ability to be integrated to systems for telecontrol.

The modulator uses contemporary scheme solutions and friendly interfaces.


Video Encryption System TeraCod

TeraCod is video signal coding system. It is used to create Pay TV channels with addressable subscriber access. The system was approved by the HBO technical department for Central Europe


  • high level of secure protection; compatibility with any video transmission system; noise protection after multiple translations;
  • distance control through software.

The system is suitable for hybrid networks with no need for additional an addressable channel. It can be added to video modulators in the CATV, MMDS and terrestrial broadcasting.

TeraCod consists of modules: coder CDDA300, software, interface converter RS232/485 and decoders DDLA100, DDDA100-01.



TeraCrypt is a system for coding and decoding of video signal. It is used to protect the picture from unauthorized viewers. The video encryption is accomplished on three levels: shifting, brightness and color inversion.

  • digital processing of the signal; automatic gain control; 16 bits security code that is easy to change;
  • microprocessor control.

The device can be easily switched from coder to decoder. That allows for an easy set-up especially when the system has one transmitter and a few receivers.TeraCrypt doesn't change the main characteristics of the video signal and can be added to any modules used in CATV, video links and terrestrial broadcasting.

The device is noise protected and can be used in conditions in which other systems would fail. It works steadily after multiple translations through links.


TeraAccess allows only authorized personal and visitors to access certain areas of your facility. It provides excellent documentation of when and where the employees enter and exit.


  • access control of certain facilities or areas; assignment and customization of access rules; ability to define schedules and assign employees to them; calculation of presence periods, late arrivals and overtime work;
  • access activity reports and documentation.
TeraAccess consists of modules: system software, controllers ACT110 and ACT120, interface converters RS232/485 and RFID tags.
The access control system ТeraAccess is offered in 2 configurations according to the client needs:
Access control system
Consists of system software /access control only version/, controllers ACT110 and/or ACT120, interface converter RS232/485 and RFID tags. This configuration is useful when the calculation of the working time is not necessary.
Access control and working time report system
Consists of system software /full version/, remote access module, controllers ACT110 and/or ACT120, interface converter RS232/485 and RFID tags. This configuration supports both access control and working time calculation


TeraAccess-Hotel is an access control, attendance registering, power sufficient and security system specially designed for hotels, SPZ Centers, Holiday houses, sanatoriums and other.Features
  • access control; power saving; fire alarm notification; alarm and information system;
  • non-cash payment in the hotel area.

The system consists of modules: system software, controllers ACT110 and ACT120, interface converters RS232/485 and RFID tags.
The structure of the system allows a step-by-step construction.It is very flexible and can be easily customized to match specific requirements.0, Java, EJB, JSP, ASP.

The TeraLock Home Access Control Kit is an RFID card solution that provides cost-effective, secure access control for stand-alone single door installations.ser Focus: alle Datenoperationen sind dem jeweiligen Vorgang, z.B. Auftragseingabe zugeordnet, das Eingabedokument bleibt auch bei zusätzlichen Eingaben im Focus.Features

  • nonvolatile memory for up to 14 RFID tags; compatibility with all EM MICROELECTRONIC and SOKYMAT 125kHz tags; reading range up to 50mm;
  • easy installation.

With user-friendly operation, high security, low maintenance and easy installation TeraLock is suitable for access control application in homes, apartment, offices, parking lots, etc. Its terminal is especially designed for outdoor operation.

The TeraLock Kit contains:

  • access control terminal ACA100; home access controller TeraLock; 220V Power Adapter; 1 service and 2 valid RFID cards;
  • Battery (optional).
Additional valid cards can be added



TeraKey is a small sized, low cost RFID controller. It works with read-only 64 bits 125kHz tags - ISO cards, clamshell cards, key chains, coins, etc. When a valid tag is put within the reach of the in-built antenna, the controller switches to active mode and triggers a relay.TeraKey can have many access control applications in cars, homes, offices, garages, parking lots, alarm systems etc. Features

  • compatibility with all EM MICROELECTRONIC and SOKYMAT 125kHz tags;
  • nonvolatile memory for up to 10 RFID tags;
  • maximum reading range 50mm
  • flexible programming and installation.

The TeraKey package includes two RFID cards - one service and one valid card. The valid card is used for activating the controller, and the service card is used to program new valid cards in the controllers memory. More valid cards can be adder per client request.



TeraLift is an RFID controller installed on the way of the power supply to the elevator's panel. The controller works with all RFID tags (cards and other) with 125kHz frequencyFeatures

  • memory for up to 500 RFID tags; standard installation and compatibility with most elevator systems;
  • easy custom programming of the valid tags.

When a valid proximity tag is put with the range of the controller's antenna it switches on a relay and feeds power to the elevator's panel. A person can operate with the panel and press buttons to move between the floors.

The TeraLift package includes two RFID tags - one service and one valid ISO cards. The valid card is used for activating the controller, and the service card is used to program new valid cards in the controller's memory. More valid cards can be adder per client request.

The package can also include a handy terminal HT100- a device used for programming of valid tags. The handy terminal is very helpful when the controller works with more than 10 tags.


TeleControl GSM 100 has inputs and outputs which can be tracked and controlled with a mobile phone. The device can be connected to existing chains and is used for distance control of remote objects in the GSM network.

  • compatible with the standard mobile phones with connectors and functions for AT interface (Siemens SL42 , C45, etc.); ability to pass commands to the relay outputs through SMS; ability to track the status of the logical inputs by using SMS and phone ring; accepts commands from up to 10 predefined mobile phones;
  • easy configuration according to the specific requirements


TeleControl GSM 100 has a GPS receiver which can be tracked using a mobile phone. It is used for tracing mobile objects in the range of the GSM network.

  • compatible with the standard mobile phones with connectors and functions for AT interface (Siemens SL42 , C45, etc.); requests coordinates by SMS and phone ring; receives geographic coordinates in SMS format; accepts commands from 10 predefined mobile phone numbers;
  • easy configuration according to the specific requirements


Rotary Encoder TC40 Series

The TC40 series are high speed rotary magnetic encoders designed for use in harsh environments. The encoder body is 40mm wide and is covered with IP 65 which provides excellent dirt immunity. The TC40 encoders are a suitable replacement of the fragile optical encoders.

  • high speed operation; accuracy up to 0, 71 degrees; simple integration; programmable field;
  • numerous applications.

A magnet is mounted on the shaft within the encoders' body. The rotation of the magnet is detected by a special encoder chip within the body, and is processed and sent out into a predefined output format.The output signals are within the industry standards for absolute, incremental, analogue and digital formats.

Some of the parameters can be preset through easy to use portable handy device-programmer.



User focus: all data operations are assigned to the respective process, e.g. order entry, the introduced document remains also during additional inputs in the focus.
User interactive form: User Interfaces adapt automatically to the transaction.
Hierarchical Warehouses: Single stocks, groups of stocks and sub-groups.
Hierarchical Article Structure: Article and Sub-article in hierarchical structure.
Hierarchical Representative Structure: Hierarchical representative structures with sub-representative and allocation of commission.
Hierarchical structure of customers and suppliers: Hierarchical groups of customers and suppliers.
Happy Hour Pricing: Automatic calculation of the selling price by hours, days, and periods.
Constant Pricing: Automatic new calculation of the prices by the last purchase prices with consideration of the respective rates of exchange for the selected currencies.
Multiple Article Packaging: for each article there is a different packing or price types many suppliers per article. The main supplier, the fastest supplier, the lowest-priced supplier could be selected.
Side Cost administration: Allocation of additional expenses for supplies, stock transportation, repackage, repairs of goods.
Language Orientation: Language of the user interface is selectable, language version for customer/suppliers is selectable - control of the printouts, messages in the respective language with article descriptions and further items of the printouts.
Scalability: scalable for databases up to the Terabyte area, amount of the users is dependent only on the hardware.
Technologies used: IBM Visual Age Smalltalk Enterprise 5.5, IBM Visual Age Smalltalk Server Workbench 5.0, IBM Visual Age Smalltalk UML Designer 5.0, IBM Visual Age Smalltalk ObjectExtender 5.0, XML, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, IBM DB2 6.1, PostgreSQL 7.2.1.



The Best office you've ever had.

XiOffice gives full and comfortable access to Outlook address book, scheduler, POP3 e-mails, enables the receiving, sending and forwarding of e-mails and e-mail attachments, the forwarding of attachment as e-mail or telefax communication, allows to select the e-mail addresses of the address book, gives good and structured access to the entries within Outlook by the use of filters and wildcard enabled search functions.

Gives access to data within a preselected directory for sending the files as telefax or e-mail attachment, enables reminders by SMS or the integrated scheduler functionality of WAP-handies and may provide useful links within the configurable portal. All data are stored on a highly secure WEB server and synschronized in definable time intervals by the Home Office Software resident on the Home Computer.

This program automatically connects by internet to the web server, updates the data on the server and looks for jobs to be executed on the home server, so sending e-mails, telefaxes locally, storing or changing entries within address book, scheduler, e-mail folders of local Outlook. The local computer loads the jobs from the WEB server and executes them.

Technologies used: WAP, HTML, JSP, Java, C++
Databases supported:MySQL, Oracle,Postgres



RemoteAccess allows to access the local computer by internet using mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting directly at your computer.

RemoteAccess supports dial up connections - so, no need for internet providers, lease lines. You just call the phone number your ISDN card or modem is connected to and start the internet connection by inputting a PIN. This will start the web server, the ftp server, the dial up connection and will send an email with the actual internet access to your desktop or your ftp server.

You can download/upload files to your computer using the internet explorer or the included FTP client. The additional answering machine allows to check your voice messages by phone, to forward voice messages by mail or to get a notification by SMS, if a new voice message arrives.


You are en route and are waiting for a fax from your customer/friend/partner (having a definite fax number). Your handy receives a message "You have got a fax".
If you are using PhoneFax together with PhoneOffice. You may start your web mail ( or others) for example. You will have received an email having the fax as attachment.
A copy of this fax may have been sent to a group of recipients as email or fax. This and more is possible by using PhoneFax and PhoneOffice.


Your mobile Office en route.

PhoneOffice is your mobile Office en route. By telephone you gain a comfortable and complete access to Outlook (MS Outlook, Outlook Express), access to address book, scheduler, e-mails. By text to speech all the informations are read by a selectable voice.
Telephone service providers are making telephony cheaper. But there is no chance to use providers on public or hotel phones. The conference call abilities of PhoneOffice allow you to use providers even in hotel or from public phones.
The range of features will be continuously enlargened, so that in the end your PhoneOffice will be an universal tool for Unified Messaging, telecommunication, informational services and PC-Control

Technologies used: C++, TextToSpeech(TTS), Java, CAPI, TAPI


Active Mail is a completely new access to the most used medium in the internet.

Active Mailwill change completely the medium email in its contents and possibilities.

Active Mail will allow:
- branding in the incoming box ;
- to start various processes, open documents, music files, avi files and other;
- to interact with the user, show the next step when the user closes the previous one - to schedule programs, messages .

Active Mail will become:
- a unified medium for text, sound, image, video (avi, flash);
- interactive with user actions - a unified medium for web and email contents;
- a medium to form a multidimensional, concatenated messages of text-, image-, sound-, video-, web contents;
- a medium for transferring large files via ftp.

Active Mail will:
- reduce web traffic of mail server ;
- html pages are represented by web links automatically accessed;
- reduce web traffic of mail server and allow large files to be sent byaccessing ftp servers;
- reduce web traffic of mail server by interaction with the user .

Use case private user:

Show bouquet in incoming folder.
Show animation with hand presenting thebouquet on clicking the mail,
play Happy Birthday,
open the mail showing anopening envelope and then the letter with the text.

Use case corporate to private user:

Show company logo in incoming folder,
open body clicking the mail,
play attached avi file,
connect to a web link (e.g. car configurator),
on closing the mail connect to a web inquiry and/or a game.

Use case corporate user:

Send/receive email with large file using automatically ftp connection and upload/download with resume transfer functionality.

Use case corporate user:
Send/receive password protected and encrypted email (body will be invisible for other users).





Control by SMS TCGMS100
Send GPS information via SMS TCGMS100 GSM